Sessions with Dr. Melinda:

Sessions are available on request.

First sessions are usually two hours and sessions after that vary from 20 min to several hours based on the needs of the clients. Most sessions are one hour. While I can share a general outline of the time needed to support the client, because every person is unique and changes in their own pattern are unique, the number of sessions and the amount of time involved in any session may change. The process will always be specific to the individual.

Please note: We do go through periods when we do not have space for new clients, however, you should always check. At the very least we can put you on the waiting list and fit you in as soon as we have a space available.

Session Cost: $200/hour.
We do not take credit cards or insurance.
We do have a sliding scale in cases of hardship.

Tools and Journeys

None of the tools listed below are replacements for proper clinical care and therapeutic interventions. They are intended only to be used as an additional support to clinical and therapeutic processes. They are not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. If you would like a referral to a clinical provider, I would be happy to provide a referral.

Clinical Psychology: M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco, Cupertino, a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from California Coast University, Santa Ana, CA. I completed my pre-graduation supervised hours. In addition, I have completed a one year Neuropsychology rotation in a community health care setting and three years of Post Doctoral Fellowship as a NIH T32 fellow in the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. Though I do not practice psychology*, I do bring that level of clinical understanding to the complex life experiences that people in transformation encounter.
* I do not practice psychology. If you would like to work with a psychologist I am happy to make a referral.

Full Spectrum Energy Work: Trained in energy work starting at the age of 4 in my grandmothers rose garden, over the years I have developed a way of flowing the body toward wholeness which I call Resonance Modulation. It is a way of inviting transformation and creating harmony between the body and the soul. While I have been trained in over 30 styles of energy work, Resonance Modulation is the focus of my energy work today.

Guided Imagery: The human imagination can be used as a tool to harmonize the body and the spirit of an individual. In this process it can be used to help create insights that a person may use in their life journey.

Health Coaching: Often when one is in a challenging health and healing journey explaining the important information to the physician can be a challenge. We will go over what is important to share with your health care provider. I can take more time with you than your provider is able to do given the volume of patients that they see. So I can take a more complete set of information. I am available to dialogue with your physician to help them to understand the key aspects of your situation which you find challenging. I can also help you to find the resources that you need to help you to get to solutions which work for your situation.

Life Coaching: When individuals need to go through changes to make their lives work better, where to start, where to find resources, where to focus your creativity and first steps, are critical to the process. I can help you organize and plan the steps and focus on what are the important actions to take.

Massage Therapy: While I am trained as a massage therapist in addition to my other skills, I am not licensed in Az. However, I will be delighted to refer you to a practitioner whom I believe will provide you with good quality support.

Medical Intuitive: As a medical intuitive I bring knowledge of anatomy combined with an understanding of intuitive images to help you tune into your bodies wisdom so that you may bring it to the attention of your physician (or similar type of practitioner) in support of your healing process.
* This process is not an alternative for proper medical care and should only be used to provide a qualified professional with additional information. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.

Music support: I am not a music therapist. However, I have been trained as a singer and musician since I was a child. I have performed as a professional singer since I was in my teens. I have also done award winning research in this area which was personally, deeply satisfying. Selecting the correct music to support recovery from surgery, selecting the correct music to help break through writers block, allowing the self to create a melody or to have someone listed to lyrics and give feedback are all joyous experiences for me. I am happy to support your journey in those areas.

Qigong: Movement is critical to health and this traditional Asian movement process allows for the body to move joyously. Too many of us do not move enough. As a team, you and I can put together movements that support the health and healing of the body and are suited to your body situation. I am deeply honored to have studied over the years with such amazing masters in this form as Sifu Kenneth Cohen and Dame Dr. Effie Chow.

Reiki: Reiki is a system of energy developed by Mikao Usui. As a 3rd degree Reiki Master Teacher I am empowered with both using Reiki as a practitioner, and in teaching Reiki to others. I am trained to 3rd degree master level in two lineages and I am 4 generations from Mrs. Takata.

Shamanic Support: Awareness of the life which surrounds us and the life experiences of the other beings which populate the earth, hold the potential to bring wisdom and insight to an individual. Through the journey process additional awareness about ones life circumstances can be created.

Spiritual Support: In each experience that life presents us with there is an opportunity for growth and transformation. In fact in every moment of our lives that opportunity exists. The challenge is to recognize the existence of the opportunity. I provide an environment which allows each individual person to deepen their connection with their “self”, their “spirit” and their understanding of others.

Stress Management: Society today is constantly changing the rules and life impacts us with more force than it did even ten tears ago. Stress management techniques are designed to provide coping strategies for the challenges of everyone’s day to day existence. These techniques can be employed to take what is, in essence, a five minute vacation from your life to face the day refreshed and relaxed.

My work is not the right fit for everyone. Nor is integrative work effective for everyone. If I do not feel that I am making progress with a client, I refer them to someone whom I feel is better suited to meet the client’s needs. I work with client’s who have their regular practitioners involved in the process. I want your physician to know that I am involved in supporting your health journey and so they know exactly what is being done so that there is no confusion. As a team we will set goals which we all identify as correct and we will work toward achieving those goals. A client is always able to change practitioners if they feel the need and I will provide a list of referrals to other practitioners.