Sessions with Dr. Melinda and Dr. Caitlin:

Sessions are available on request.

First sessions are usually two hours and sessions after that vary from 20 min to several hours based on the needs of the clients. Most sessions are one hour. While I can share a general outline of the time needed to support the client, because every person is unique and changes in their own pattern are unique, the number of sessions and the amount of time involved in any session may change. The process will always be specific to the individual.

Please note: We do go through periods when we do not have space for new clients, however, you should always check. At the very least we can put you on the waiting list and fit you in as soon as we have a space available.

Session Cost: $200/hour.
We do not take credit cards or insurance.
We do have a sliding scale in cases of hardship.

We are not the right fit for everyone. Nor is integrative work effective for everyone. If any one of us do not feel that we am making progress with a client, we refer them to someone whom we feel is better suited to meet the client’s needs. We prefer to work with client’s who have their regular practitioners involved in the process. We want your physician to know that we are involved and exactly what we are doing so that there is no confusion. As a team we will set goals which we identify as correct and we will work toward achieving those goals. A client is always able to change practitioners if they feel the need and we will provide a list of referrals to other practitioners.