Many people do not realize three very important pieces of the research process:
  1. First, research is often expensive. It is rare for a real research study to cost less than $10,000.
  2. Second, there are lots of levels and kinds of research.
  3. Third, unless you are doing a single case study, case study series or literature review you must have an ethics review to do your research.

At Earth Songs we are willing to listen to your idea and help you to determine the correct level of research for your study. We will give you ideas on how to keep the costs down. Your study is an investment and needs to produce results. We provide very high quality work from a well trained team, where you only purchase the support and people you need, for the number of hours that you need them. Below is a list of some of the many types of research studies that can be done and that our team can potentially do for you.

For more information on what potential types of study might meet your needs, feel free to contact Dr. Melinda Connor at

  • Single Case Study
  • Case Study Series
  • Literature Search Study
  • Proof of Concept
  • Pilot Study
  • Efficacy Trial
  • Effectiveness Trial
  • Single Blind study
  • Double Blind study
  • Age and Sex matched study
  • Observational Studies
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Clinical Study
    • Diagnostic Research
    • Epidemiological Studies
    • Genetic Studies
    • Prevention Research
    • Quality of Life Research
    • Screening Research
    • Treatment Research
  • Qualitative Study
  • Grounded Theory Trial
  • Mixed Methods Study (May combine Quantitative and Qualitative study techniques.)
  • Whole Systems Research
  • Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Multi-arm Trial
  • Single site and Multi-site Trials
  • Phase I trial (clinical, device, drug, etc.)
  • Phase II trial
  • Phase III trial
  • Phase IV trial
  • Systematic Review

Sample Studies
Follow the link to read the journal article or take a look at the poster to see more of some of the research that we have done or are doing!
Recruiting for the Following Research Studies:

Men’s Strength study:
   Recruiting has begun for the Men’s Strength and Health Study. Men age 40-75 healthy enough for physical activity may participate. Study is 8 weeks for each group. Participate and get in the best shape you can be in 8 weeks! Study includes nutritional coaching, personalized physical assessment and coaching, and your own kit of exercise equiptment. Participants will be asked to give blood and urine samples, wear a non-transdermal patch for 12 hours per day and be tested physically at 6 points during the study period. For more information email Dr. Melinda Connor at or call 520-609-1765.
Future Studies:
Distance Reiki Attunement: Does it impact brain and body in the same way as local attunements?
   Study recruitment will start in 2021.

Impact of practitioner depression and bipolar illness on client brain health in energy healing.
   Study recruitment starting in 2022.

Status of existing studies:
Toward the use of daily supplemental Copper in the support of maintaining wellness during COVID 19 pandemic:
   Theory complete. Paper in progress.

Women’s Bone Density study:
   Recruitment is complete. Data collection is ongoing.

Below is a sample of some of our completed studies:

Applied Product Research


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Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Studies
Energy Healing Studies

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Ethics Research
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Music Research
   Connor, M., Payton, S., “Informing via Research: Methods, challenges and success when using a multi-disciplinary team and reverse engineering analysis processes to answer a 200 year old question.” Proceedings of the 18th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI, July 2014.)

Sample Posters presented at Research Conferences:

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